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Development of Analytical Capabilities in HR.

Date of the project: 2022

Duration: 30hs

In today's data-driven world, the role of HR has evolved beyond traditional administrative tasks to encompass strategic decision-making based on insights derived from data analysis. To thrive in this new landscape, organizations are recognizing the importance of developing analytical capabilities within their HR teams. This enables HR professionals to leverage data and analytics to make informed decisions, drive employee engagement, optimize talent management, and align HR initiatives with overall business objectives.

To embark on the journey of developing analytical capabilities in HR, organizations can consider the following steps:

Instructional Proposal:

  • 100% Online

  • Practical Approach

  • Applicability Exercises

  • Success Stories

  • Focus on Data-Driven Culture

  • Consultative Capabilities

The training was divided into 9 modules:

  1. What is People Analytics and its Purpose: Exploring different stages of analytical maturity, analyzing decision-making within organizations, and the impact of data-driven decision-making using advanced analytics models.

  2. Operational Model of Analytical Management: Identifying each component of the People Analytics management model and its impact on the future of the HR field. Exploring each phase of the People Analytics methodology.

  3. Application: Rotation: Applying the working methodology to develop talent retention strategies.

  4. Application: Employee Lifetime Value: Applying the working methodology to maximize the net contribution of an employee in a specific role and timeframe.

  5. Application: Organizational Network Analysis (ONA): Applying organizational network analysis in People Analytics, shifting from hierarchies to networked structures.

  6. Basic Statistics Concepts: Introduction to basic statistical concepts for better interpretation of analyses and facilitating internal discussions.

  7. Storytelling with Data: Techniques for transforming data analyses into impactful stories that influence decision-making processes.

  8. Service Design: Applying service design techniques to convert data analyses into high-impact improvement actions supported by empirical evidence.

  9. Fundamentals of Data Science: These sessions aim to develop practical cases in the R or Python ecosystem, applying a hands-on approach that integrates the knowledge acquired in previous modules. Participants will go through an entire analytical cycle, including data integration, cleaning, transformation, modeling, and interpretation/application of results. The focus will be on developing specific strategies aligned with the organization's objectives or involved areas.


This training program provided a comprehensive and practical approach to People Analytics, equipping participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively leverage data for strategic decision-making in HR.

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