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New insights. New possibilities.

We empower people through data to solve business challenges

We apply behavioral science into our products and services

Acquire invaluable insights into employee behavior and unleash the full potential of your organization by delving deep into the intricate relationship between human behavior and business processes.


Our solution equips business leaders with a comprehensive understanding of these dynamics, enabling them to strategically leverage behavioral patterns to enhance effectiveness, foster productivity, and successfully steer the organization towards its goals.

to implent

Unlock the power of data-driven decision-making with our seamlessly integrated and enterprise-ready people analytics solution, simplifying implementation for your organization.


Embrace technological flexibility with our cutting-edge analytics solution, built to seamlessly adapt and integrate with any existing infrastructure, ensuring hassle-free implementation for your organization.

as a Service

Accelerate the development of your data-driven decision-making capabilities using our Analytics as a Service solution to empower the organization to unlock actionable insights to drive business value.

Implement unique analytical use cases

Analytics as a Service solutions
to stay ahead of your competition


Anticipate employee attrition risks and identify key drivers to craft impactful retention plans, reducing operational costs and driving achievement of your targets, leading to a better employee experience

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In México, the reduction of the workweek from 48 to 40 hours in Mexico is approaching, and its impact on the cost structure of businesses will be significant. Using AI is an effective and precise way to react.

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Organizational Network Analysis

Empower leaders to uncover influential individuals and groups, decode communication patterns, and implement targeted interventions for optimized collaboration, seamless information flow, and amplified performance, innovation, and agility

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Optimize your talent pipeline by leveraging performance prediction and readiness assessment, ensuring a seamless transition to specific positions whenever they become available, and fostering a more effective workforce



Understand the impact of the human factor on sales, harnessing the power of data-driven insights, boosting team engagement, and ensuring a seamless integration of high-impact solutions for unparalleled sales performance and sustainable business growth.

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Compensation & Benefits

Revolutionize sales management through advanced analytics, optimizing Compensation and Benefits, ensuring employee satisfaction, motivation, and unparalleled productivity in your commercial team.


The data-driven organization, now.

Transform your organization using data and insights

Optimize business performance by unveiling the economic impact of your decisions

Unlock the true potential of your business by quantifying the economic impact of your challenges. Gain a deep understanding of the costs and opportunities involved to enhance your business performance and streamline operational inefficiencies.


Leverage advanced analytics to predict and assess whether your action plans are achieving the expected impact, empowering you to make data-driven decisions for optimal results.


Measurement of the indirect and direct costs

Identification of operational inneficiencies

Analysis lost of productivity and sales


Machine learning models to predict root causes

Discovery of patterns behind data sets

Predictive analysis to understand escenarios

Unveil the strategic insights that are the main drivers of success

Gain a deep understanding of the primary drivers influencing the business challenge at hand. Develop action plans rooted in data to make informed investments and effectively enhance people initiatives and operational processes.

Empower your decision-making process with data-driven insights, enabling you to focus resources on the areas that will drive meaningful transformation.

Empower your teams to transform your organization and drive exceptional results using data

Actionable insights

Validate your hypotheses using advanced analytics and let data be the compass that guides your team towards the right direction

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Empower business leaders to take faster and better decisions through data push notifications

Stay ahead in today's fast-paced business landscape with our analytical push notifications. Receive critical updates, enabling you to seize opportunities and make informed decisions swiftly.


Optimize decision-making by leveraging data-driven insights delivered right to your device. Monitor key metrics, track progress, and drive impactful outcomes, even on the go.

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