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Success Stories

Grupo Posadas, a leader in the Mexican hotel industry with seven brands and a network of almost 30,000 rooms distributed in more than 200 hotels, has always been committed to excellence in customer satisfaction. However, in 2019, the company faced a significant challenge: declining customer satisfaction, especially in the rooms space.

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Collaboration and Benefits to Improve Sales

Laboratorios Sophia implemented a project to understand collaboration patterns and another project to understand the relationship between employee benefits and sales generation.

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Development of Analytical Capabilities

The Human Resources team at Telefonica Hispam underwent an upskilling process in their analytical capabilities to understand how to develop a more effective operational model for People Analytics.

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Banorte's Contact Center developed a People Analytics methodology to generate insights and understand the risks associated with voluntary turnover.

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Employee Experience and voluntary turnover

Arcos Dorados Chile improved the employee experience and reduced voluntary turnover in their restaurants through People Analytics.

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Analysis of Informal Leaders

Clara set out to understand who were the individuals with the highest degree of relational influence within the company in order to design better change management practices.

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Designing an Operational Model for People Analytics

Farmacity worked on the development of an operational model that would allow them to scale the value generated by the People Analytics team.

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