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Commercial effectiveness

Uncover the impact of people's behaviors and initiatives on sales management. Transform the Human Resources department into a sales driver through the optimization of people initiatives.

Maximize the ROI of your sales team's people initiatives

Collaborate with the Sales department to provide insights that improve sales results and enable better management of sales executives

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Return on Investment (ROI)

Maximize the number of months in which the sales executive generates a net contribution

breakeven point

Identify the month in which employees fully repay the company's investment


Determine when a sales executive becomes cost-neutral for the company

Employee Lifetime Value

Predict future net contribution for each
sales role

Main benefits

HR as a center of contribution

Collect people data in relation to sales management to understand the current and potential contribution of the HR department

Analysis of the employee lifecycle

Analyze the current opportunity gap between the employee lifecycle and their net contribution to generate more effective optimization actions

of scenarios

Discover the impact that increasing or decreasing the budget for recruitment, onboarding, training, and development can have on net contribution

Generate new insights on the impact of the HR function on sales management.

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