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Detection of informal leaders within the organization for the implementation of change management initiatives

Project Objective: Identify individuals with a higher degree of centrality than others to transform them into ambassadors for Culture initiatives.


Project Date: 2022


Through an active Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) process, patterns of collaboration and levels of influence were identified among individuals who exhibited a higher degree of centrality within the work network, as shown below.

ONA - Analisis de redes organizacionales - PeopleOPTI.png

This comprehensive analysis provided Clara with valuable insights to identify informal leaders within the organization and effectively transform them into influential ambassadors when communicating the narrative about Clara's culture during a period of exponential growth. By leveraging Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques, Clara gained a deep understanding of collaboration patterns and levels of influence among team members across different hierarchical levels and business units or countries.

By uncovering these collaboration patterns, Clara was able to facilitate internal conversations and foster a culture of best practices in collaboration and information sharing. This, in turn, enabled the development of more efficient workflows, improved cross-functional communication, and streamlined decision-making processes. With a better understanding of the organization's network dynamics, Clara was able to identify key individuals whose centrality and influence made them instrumental in driving positive change and aligning others with the organization's cultural vision.

Furthermore, Clara extended the analysis beyond network structures and delved into the sentiments expressed by employees through survey responses. By extracting and analyzing the reactive survey items, Clara gained valuable insights into the emotional pulse of the workforce and the sentiment surrounding critical aspects of the organization. This contextual understanding of communication dynamics allowed Clara to fine-tune internal messaging strategies, address concerns, and promote a positive and inclusive work environment.

Overall, the combined analysis of network dynamics, collaboration patterns, and employee sentiments provided Clara with a holistic view of the organization's culture and communication landscape. Armed with these insights, Clara could make data-driven decisions, foster effective leadership, and cultivate a thriving organizational culture that drives growth and success.

NLP People Analytics PeopleOPTI.png

In conclusion, the proactive approach of conducting Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) and leveraging Natural Language Processing (NLP) has empowered Clara to drive meaningful change and enhance the organization's cultural narrative. By identifying and harnessing the potential of informal leaders as influential ambassadors, Clara has successfully aligned the workforce with the vision of a thriving culture amidst exponential growth.

The analysis of collaboration patterns and levels of influence across teams, hierarchies, and geographic units has enabled Clara to facilitate internal conversations, fostering a culture of collaboration, and knowledge sharing. This has laid the foundation for enhanced collaboration, streamlined workflows, and improved decision-making processes, resulting in increased efficiency and effectiveness within the organization.

Additionally, by considering the sentiments expressed through survey responses, Clara has gained invaluable insights into the emotional landscape of employees. This understanding has allowed Clara to address concerns, fine-tune internal messaging strategies, and create a positive and inclusive work environment.

Through this holistic analysis, Clara has leveraged data-driven decision-making to nurture effective leadership and cultivate a culture that drives growth and success. The identification of key individuals and their influence, coupled with a nuanced understanding of the communication context, has empowered Clara to lead the organization confidently into the future.

By embracing the power of ONA, NLP, and data-driven insights, Clara has set the stage for continued growth, collaboration, and innovation. The journey towards a culture-driven organization is ongoing, and Clara's dedication to understanding and optimizing the network dynamics will pave the way for a thriving and resilient future.

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