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Designing an Operational Model for High-Impact People Analytics Management.

Project Objective: Establish the strategic pillars of an analytical management framework to efficiently translate people initiatives into tangible business results.

Project Date: 2021 and 2022


Project Duration: 96 hours


About Farmacity: Farmacity is an Argentine pharmacy chain owned by the business group Pegasus. It operates in a self-service or drugstore format and is a member of the National Association of Chain Drug Stores. With 241 pharmacies distributed across 14 provinces and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

Initial Project Phase - Diagnosis: During the initial phase of the project, the aim was to create a logbook of the current components of the People Analytics department. A systematic methodology was followed to conduct a more objective gap analysis.

DIagnóstico Farmacity.png

Second Phase of the Project - Operational Model:

Based on the PeopleOPTI Operational System framework, Farmacity worked on the establishment of each module of the model, aiming to align the company's/HR's strategy with that of the People Analytics department.


The structure of the Operational Model used was as follows:

  1. Goal and Metric Definition: Defining objectives and key metrics to measure the impact of People Analytics initiatives on business outcomes.

  2. Data Collection and Management: Developing robust data collection processes and implementing effective data management practices to ensure the availability of accurate and reliable data for analysis.

  3. Analysis and Insights Generation: Utilizing advanced analytical techniques and tools to analyze the collected data and derive actionable insights that inform decision-making and drive business impact.

  4. Communication and Visualization: Developing effective communication strategies and visualizing insights in a clear and compelling manner to facilitate understanding and engagement across the organization.

  5. Implementation and Monitoring: Ensuring the successful implementation of People Analytics initiatives, monitoring their progress, and continuously evaluating their impact on business outcomes.

  6. Capability Development: Investing in the development of skills and capabilities within the organization to enable effective utilization of People Analytics tools and techniques.


By implementing this Operational Model, Farmacity aimed to establish a robust and impactful People Analytics function that drives data-driven decision-making and enhances overall strategic alignment between the company and HR initiatives.

Modelo Operativo - People Analytics - PeopleOPTI.png
  1. Strategy: An ad-hoc purpose statement was created for the People Analytics department to clearly outline the type of value expected from the department and to define its scope of activities.

  2. Manifesto: A document was created and made available to the entire organization, outlining the principles, statements, commitments, and framework of the People Analytics department.

  3. Principles: A set of principles was developed to establish the foundational methods by which processes and the department's structure would operate in conjunction with the rest of the organization, aiming for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

  4. Data Governance: Work began on defining policies for managing the availability, integrity, usability, and security of personnel data within the company.

  5. PUSH/PULL: Priorities for the department were established regarding the types of projects to be executed, providing a roadmap for short- and medium-term work. It was also determined which projects would be consultative and/or self-service in nature.

  6. Work Methodologies: The methodologies, technologies, and processes to be implemented for scaling the value of advanced analytics were defined, along with strategies for creating a data-driven culture.


By focusing on these areas, Farmacity aimed to establish a strong foundation for the People Analytics department, enabling it to provide valuable insights and drive data-informed decision-making throughout the organization.

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