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Grupo Posadas & PeopleOPTI

Transforming Customer Satisfaction and Boosting Business

Grupo Posadas, a leader in the Mexican hotel industry with seven brands and a network of almost 30,000 rooms distributed in more than 200 hotels, has always been committed to excellence in customer satisfaction.

However, the company faced a significant challenge: declining customer satisfaction, especially in the rooms space. Guests began to express concerns that generated the need to find solutions that would improve the quality of service and, at the same time, drive business results.

The challenge


"We observed a decrease in our Net Promoter Score (NPS) in the rooms category, which led us to reflect on the quality of our operations," said Javier Barrera, Vice President of Strategic Human Capital at Grupo Posadas.


The team realized that maids with less than 2 months of service had the highest turnover.


This raised several questions, at that time unanswered: Could this be the reason why there is a decrease in customer satisfaction? And, if so, how can newly hired housekeepers be retained and engaged? What are the other variables involved? What impact does this challenge have on business results? For companies in the Digital Era, it is no longer enough to act on assumptions, it is necessary to use cutting-edge technologies.

The Solution: A Qualitative and Quantitative Approach based on Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.


It was at this point that Grupo Posadas approached us and hired Analytics as a Service.


Using our People Analytics Signature Model, we provide a series of relevant insights in a dashboard that is 100% adaptable to Grupo Posadas' infrastructure, offering them the certainty and visibility necessary to take effective measures and answer the questions that had previously arisen.


To do this, we carried out an exhaustive analysis that incorporated a qualitative and quantitative approach, driven by artificial intelligence and advanced analytics. The qualitative approach involved conducting 300 in-depth interviews with housekeepers and chambermaids from the various Posadas hotel brands. These interviews addressed key issues, such as leadership, commitment, training and induction of chambermaids, as well as relevant personal aspects.


The quantitative approach not only provided a comprehensive view of employee demographics, but also ushered in a deeper transformation through the implementation of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI).


Advanced analytics allowed Grupo Posadas to unravel hidden patterns in the data, revealing valuable insights into areas of operational improvement and identifying the underlying causes of high turnover. We don't just understand the past, we lay the foundation for anticipating future customer needs. Artificial intelligence, on the other hand, acted as the driving force behind personalization and efficiency. By employing advanced algorithms, it allowed Grupo Posadas to anticipate guest preferences, offering personalized experiences from the moment of arrival to check-out.


Predictive models also played a fundamental role in operational decision making, allowing for more accurate and efficient resource allocation. Together, we enriched the understanding of quantitative data that catalyzes a complete transformation in the way Grupo Posadas interacts with its guests and manages its operations. These technologies not only optimize internal efficiency, but elevate the customer experience to new heights, setting an exceptional service standard in the hospitality industry.

The Results: Transformation in customer satisfaction and business objectives


The results of this collaboration were outstanding. After implementing changes in training and retention approach, Grupo Posadas managed to reduce waitress turnover by a range of 10 to 30%.


This decrease resulted in a substantial improvement in the company's Net Promoter Score (NPS) and a significant reduction in complaints related to rooms and cleanliness.


"The key to success was communicating to housekeepers the importance of their work for customer satisfaction and, therefore, for guest loyalty and preference. We improved career plans and provided flexibility in schedules to adapt to changing times. needs of the chambermaids, especially those in the stages of motherhood or with school-age children. We would not have had this visibility in the information without the implementation made by PeopleOPTI " stated the Vice President of Strategic Human Capital of Grupo Posadas.


This success story exemplifies how data analysis and the use of advanced analytics can be powerful tools to address challenges in customer satisfaction and employee retention in the technological era. Grupo Posadas and PeopleOPTI not only identified the problem, but through that certainty they gave way to the implementation of effective solutions that made a significant difference.

Impact on business results


The transformation in customer satisfaction not only improved Grupo Posadas' reputation, but also generated significant results for the business.


With rising NPS and fewer complaints, the company saw an increase in room demand and increased guest loyalty. This translated into increased revenue and profitability. In an increasingly digital and technological world, it is crucial to consider investing in analytical tools and advanced technologies to improve customer satisfaction and employee retention.


If you want to obtain results similar to those experienced by Grupo Posadas with the help of PeopleOPTI, we invite you to explore technological solutions and implement data-driven strategies to achieve success in your industry. Discover more here!

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