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Turnover prediction

Leverage the potential of People Analytics to identify the individuals most likely to leave your organization in the coming months. By analyzing historical turnover patterns, gain valuable insights that drive the creation of highly effective retention plans.

Harness the power of data to make informed retention decisions before your valuable talent decides to leave the company

Key Management KPIs

Analyze historical patterns to generate new hypotheses and draw better conclusions about the reasons for attrition

Cost of

Understand the current and future direct costs of turnover to facilitate improved resource planning

Attrition Probability

Discover the probability of attrition for key talent in your organization over the next 6 months


Understand what are the main drivers of turnover and the different risks behind it

Main benefits


Knowing how many people are at risk of leaving the organization facilitates future hiring planning and recruitment management


Discovering how many people are at risk of leaving the organization empowers leaders and managers to make different decisions, backed by empirical evidence


Knowing the segmented probability of turnover facilitates the use of the allocated budget for retention actions with a higher degree of effectiveness


Empower your managers with predictive Turnover dashboards to foster an autonomous and data-driven culture

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