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Enabling people to thrive in the digital Era

Unleash the power of AI and Machine Learning to optimize performance and foster a data-driven culture

Our clients

Create your own analytical strategy

Build an effective analytical journey aligned to your business and people strategy

Treat data as a corporate asset
to became an effective AI & data-driven organization

Properly define how data is going to be used to inform business decisions and processes

Build an analytical journey that will enable the organization transform data into actionable insights.


Implement unique analytical use cases

Analytics as a Service solutions
to stay ahead of your competition


Anticipate employee attrition risks and identify key drivers to craft impactful retention plans, reducing operational costs and driving achievement of your targets, leading to a better employee experience

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In México, the reduction of the workweek from 48 to 40 hours in Mexico is approaching, and its impact on the cost structure of businesses will be significant. Using AI is an effective and precise way to react.

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Organizational Network Analysis

Empower leaders to uncover influential individuals and groups, decode communication patterns, and implement targeted interventions for optimized collaboration, seamless information flow, and amplified performance, innovation, and agility

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Optimize your talent pipeline by leveraging performance prediction and readiness assessment, ensuring a seamless transition to specific positions whenever they become available, and fostering a more effective workforce



Understand the impact of the human factor on sales, harnessing the power of data-driven insights, boosting team engagement, and ensuring a seamless integration of high-impact solutions for unparalleled sales performance and sustainable business growth.

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Compensation & Benefits

Revolutionize sales management through advanced analytics, optimizing Compensation and Benefits, ensuring employee satisfaction, motivation, and unparalleled productivity in your commercial team.


Insights at the fingertips of your leaders when they need it


We have created a unique process to enable organizations became data-driven

While having data and advanced technologies is crucial, the real challenge lies in transforming behaviors to fully leverage analytics.


Discover the proven process that empowers your organization to generate the desired impact.


Analytical Process

Discover a new world of possibilities implementing Analytics as a Service 



We believe in data and science to achieve the impossible


As a dynamic digital company, our global expansion is accelerating as we strive to provide unparalleled data and people analytics products and services worldwide.

+90% retention

Clients adore our boutique digital mindset and meticulous attention to detail, fueling our exceptional client retention rate.

+400% growth

2023 was a success. While rapidly growing, we maintain our boutique approach to clients, ensuring personalized attention and exceptional service.

+8 years

Pioneering the data and people analytics landscape since 2015, we stand proudly as one of the pioneering companies in the market.

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